From one generation to the next, careful, thoughtful family financial planning is a very important part of your overall financial planning strategy. Whether you are interested in saving for higher education for your children or grandchildren, long-term care for yourself or your parents, or investments, tax and retirement planning for you personally, a comprehensive blueprint plan of action to achieve your goals is critical to your success.  “Planning Ahead Matters.”

Additionally, passing along assets and inheritance issues are part of your overall financial picture.  Proper planning for an inheritance, or making arrangements for the structured distribution of assets you leave behind for loved ones, will contribute greatly to your peace of mind and the financial well-being of beneficiaries.  The lack of even the most basic inter-generational planning can lead to unnecessary tensions and conflicts between unprepared family members.  These are often emotional issues that are difficult to talk about. For those very reasons, it is critically important to deal with and plan ahead for the inevitable seasons of life and not get caught unprepared.  

The financial resources a parent leaves to their children, regardless of age, are only a part of the legacy inherited from them.  One of the ways we can honor the memory and legacy of our parents upon their passing is by becoming good financial stewards of the hard-earned money and assets they leave to us.  By preserving the value of these assets, we are sustaining the legacy of a lifetime of hard work, accomplishments, love and devotion to family.  Through their teachings and by example, parents endeavor to instill in their children the ability to prosper and make a good life for themselves and their own families.  One of the greatest gifts we can give to them is to carry on this tradition and pass these same values on to our children.

At CAPITAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (CFM), we have worked closely with many parents and their children to help build well-thought-out financial portfolios, which can be passed from one generation to the next.  Properly drafted wills, directives and trusts are important documents that should be included in your overall plan.  Expressing one's wishes about the proper and meaningful distribution of assets can make the difference between sustaining the emotional health of a family or causing disagreement and turmoil.  Your CFM team can help provide input and advice, while working together with other professionals on your estate planning team in preparing a coordinated family financial plan.  

We have had the good fortune to be intimately involved with many special people. They have entrusted us with their stories, their concerns, their hopes and dreams and have depended on us to help manage and safeguard their financial assets.  It is a unique and sacred privilege to be a trusted advisor to such wonderful clients and friends.  The CFM team continues to work diligently to earn your trust and confidence.  Planning for financial continuity is just one of the important family matters we can assist you with as a client of our firm.