At CAPITAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, we pride ourselves in our ability to personalize and tailor our services to the specific, individual needs of our clients.  Each and every client's needs vary according to age, circumstances and financial situations.  Determining the appropriate service, or services, for a particular client really does matter.


1.  “Segmented Financial Advisory Services” may include a written financial planning and/or investment advisory review or verbal consultations for specific financial/ investment concerns of the client.  


2.  “Coordinated Financial Plan” provides clients with a written financial planning document reviewing their financial goals and life objectives, evaluates and provides recommendations for a risk management program, income tax situation, investment portfolio, retirement planning, and estate planning.


3.  “Consulting Services” address current or limited issues of concern to the client that may be on-going in nature after the delivery of the Segmented Services or the Financial Plan.


4.  “Investment Reporting and Review” is an investment advisory service for clients who do not need active management of a portfolio, but desire a periodic monitoring and reporting based upon such factors as the complexity, size and activity in the client's account(s).


5.  “Asset Management Services” provides for frequent monitoring of the investment portfolio.  Under this investment advisory service, the Advisor and the client will formulate an investment plan with stated objectives and specific financial management parameters.   Clients receive a written quarterly report, which summarizes the activity that has taken place along with the beginning and ending account values. Clients and Advisor may elect to have the portfolio managed on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis.   


For more detailed information regarding the above services, please contact our office to request our ADV Part 2A Brochure.